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C4L offers a small but comfortable venue for on-site managerial training.

However, it currently tends to hold training events in the Client's own location (sometimes called "vestibule training") or in a church or community hall.

Managerial Training

As outlined here, C4L can offer some accredited training in governance, leadership and management.  

C4L can also offer non-formal training, but it prefers to use the coaching and mentoring technique. 

C4L faculty members also serve as motivational speakers.

Our fee structure for managerial training is based on:

  • Use of conference room facilities
  • Teas and lunches
  • Trainer fees (where applicable)


Exposure Visits

As outlined on the Livelihoods page, church teams of six youth will be hosted from September 1st 2018 at the new C4L campus.

Their one-week visit will be "blended learning" - enterprise and vocational training.

It is non-accredited training, largely a team-building exercise, to orientate them how to plant Spinach Trees on church land, and run a bakery from the church kitchen - centred on spinach bread, spinach pies like Fatayar, spinach pastries, "fire cake" and cookies.

Pricing is R18 000 for six people for five days - excluding transport to and from the C4L campus.  That is R3000 per person including meals, accomodation and training.

When they depart, they can take some tree spinach cuttings with them to start an orchard on church land.


To get information on booking any of our training courses, please contact C4L