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The fouth L is for Literati.

The dictionary defines this word as: "men of letters, the learned class".

For over a decade, one of C4L's slogans has been: "shaking and moving the shakers and movers".  In 2017, this led to the creation of its UNEMBEZA Desk.  (UNEMBEZA is the Zulu word for "conscience")

C4L now sends out Op-Ed articles to Editors of media platforms, on a regular basis.  Adding our voice to the "Commentariat" in general.  Trying to speak from one Christian perspective on the issues.

A sample list of articles that have been run on national platforms is available - click here.  There are 75.  These were chosen (randomly) by Editors from 223 articles generated and circulated.

By the way, we make no claim to be "illuminati" - we are merely the "literati"!

One recurring theme, but not the only one, is a slogan that C4L has often used:"Performance - without integrity - is not enough".  

In other words, it is important to acquire the skills and tools of leadership and management, but unless the leader/manager is ETHICAL, these simply enhance the damage that leaders and managers can do through graft and patronage.

Corruption has been all-too-prevalent in NGOs as well as other sectors. Often, the government officials and "tenderpreneurs" worked in "patronage networks".  NGOs would be awarded contracts in exchange for lucrative kick-backs.

This has led C4L into the 3 new "Ls" of Lobbying, Literati and Litigation - as noted on the What We Do page.  But we did not include Litigation as one of our 4 Ls.  Sometimes it may be inevitable, but there are other ways to approach the challenges - and one of them is to write.

C4L is offering to add Subscribers to its list of Editors, who receive all the material generated by its UNEMBEZA Desk.  For more on this, visit the Subscriptions page, under Advancement.

However, C4L Bulletins are still sent out to a mail drop list monthly, and its blogsite are still out there in cyberspace.  The full UNEMBEZA output is only sent to Subscribers and our short list of Editors.


Thematic Clusters 1

Nine of the main topics or issues that we have addressed are listed below. They are closely related.  Some samples are sprinkled in.  These are the themes that we have written a lot about, and often, through a turbulent period:



Thematic Clusters 2

C4L is non-particsan and rebers Father Daniel Berrigan's words that "Radical action requires radical contemplation".  Here are some topics that we have written less about:


  • Prostitution
  • Renewable Energy


Where is this going?

We hope to broaden this scope in future to include Gender, Education, Health, and Natural Resources.  We are trying consistenly to show the relevance of Faith within society.

There is only a little overlap with what can be found on our 3 blogsites.

We not only want to expand the thematic content but the number of contributors as well.  More than one writer should speak from the UNEMBEZA Desk.  And they should speak into more countries than South Africa.

On the What Churches Are Doing page of this website, an invitation to denominations that have identified individuals with the spiritual gifting of prophecy, to spend time at the C4L campus periodically.

Our hope and prayer is one day to have a syndicated Column that comes with a significant level of recognition.  Unfortunately, most journalists and media moguls in South Africa are not very relgious, or certainly very closed about it!  Principled, yes; religious, no.  So we are swimming against the current in that regard.  But if God is for us, who can prevail against us?!