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Internal and External

The previous page describes internal or "self-generated". resources.  The proportion of this baseline varies it average about 25% until the Board decision to downsize.  Now it is proportionally smaller, around 10%.

(Unless you call Project Management fees "income generation".  In fact, these are usually lumped into income that is booked as part of grant income.)

External revenue is "value added" so to speak.  It has often been said that "no gift is too small".  Every gift matters, like the widow's mite.

The following pages are organized by what individuals, families, churches and grantmakers can do.  Then there two extra buttons below the side bar for volunteering and prayer.

On each page we try to explain the "wiring diagram" of how each kind of gift connects into C4L programming.  So although it is not organized by programming components, you can still find the person, activity or project that you wish to support.