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As explained on the Advancement page, the term "subscribe" on this website relates to the articles generated at C4L for media platforms.  However, at the moment we have started to move in a different direction from signing up "subscribers" per se.  Rather, we are chasing the "syndication" option.

One way or the other, the hope is that we can someday reach the point of generating revenue from readers (i.e. users) for what we write.  But getting to there is a long and winding road!

At this stage, there is no paywall!  Your appreciation for C4L's lobbying and awareness-raising efforts can only be paid by:

a) donations to C4L

b) grants for C4L Advocacy projects (this may be for writing or other activities)

c) indirect subscriptions to meida platforms like Chrsitian Week in Canada and BizNews in South Africa, that offer C4L a soap-box to speak from.


Donate online:

Load this email onto Interac: - and follow your nose.

Please indicate that your gift is for C4L.


And stay tuned!  Subscriptions and paywalls may follw in due course!

Discarded Diamonds 2

Here are more samples of articles generated by the UNEMBEZA Desk that were never run by any media platforms.

Out of the first 375 articles submitted, only 128 landed on media platforms.  Fifteen media platforms in all.  So we are slowly building a "branding".

Other than this website sharing a glimpse of these "discarded diamonds", readers would never see the good ones that didn't get used. 

Sure, they can be recycled for other purposes - like preparation for Sermons or Motivational Speaking.

Samples of articles that did land on media plaforms can be found on the Literati page of this website, alng with a newer list of more "discarded diamonds".

These seven articles were among the first 148 articles declined by the Editors.  Since then, another 99 articles have been discarded - 247 in all.  The big question is whether C4L could or should reduce these "losses".  If indeed that is what they are?  We have to respect the view of editors for not publishing everything that comes their way.  But they make their choices for varied reasons, which may not mean that a "discarded diamonded" had no value.

C4L is weighing up its good stewardship in this respect.  Maybe we should return to the "subscriptions" model and create a media platform of our own?  How about "Truth Spiritual" as a name?!


Don't get confused by the three S's


Subscriptions - readers would pay to have all UNEMBEZA Desk articles sent to them

Syndication - C4L content rides on existing public media platforms, with existing circulation

Sponsorhips - you donate to either The WeighBridge magazine, or to book from the Legacy project


Maximizing our influence

We are very grateful when media platforms make room for what we have to say.  After all, in the last analysis, what Leadership is... is Influence.

However we do not like to "throw away" 2 out of every 3 articles, on average.  So we are thinking and praying about the Subscriptions model - as a way to reduce waste and re-cycle good content.

Subscriptions acould also be another way for C4L to generate self-support as a Social Enterprise.