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What You Can Do

Sponsor a person at C4L or give of your time (volunteering)


Individual giving tends to be (although not always) on a smaller scale than donor grants. 

But often, individual giving is more regular than the occasional grants from donors or SETAs.  So giving is a very valuable kind of resource to C4L!  Here are the two most pressing needs:

  • $500 per issue to produce more youth magazines (The Weighbridge)
    C4L has not only piloted the magazine in three issues, but it has approached several donors about funding for "Voter Education".  So rather than packaging this as a large project, we are challenging you to contribute $500 to do the writing, lay-out, printing of 100 hard copies for marketing, and capturing in a PDF file for uploading to this website (see the Lobbying page).
  • Buy a book
    Publishing provides little pay-back for authors, who are at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak.  C4L collaborates with Mbokodo Publishers, which also has an eShop.


Click here if you would like to sponsor a new issue of our youth magazine.



Click here to check out how you can give your time.