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What You Can Do

Sponsor a person at C4L or give of your time (volunteering)


Individual giving tends to be (although not always) on a smaller scale than donor grants. 

But often, individual giving is more regular than the occasional grants from donors or SETAs.  So giving is a very valuable kind of resource to C4L!  Here are two possible scenarios:

  • Target a C4L staff worker
    Traditionally, missionaries have received "support" from individuals.  Or this targetting could support a C4L staff member.  For example, one who works in the Tree Spinach orchard, or in the Bakery.  (Remembering their skills-sharing role, in showing youth how to grow spinach trees and bake products deriving from it.)
  • Sponsor a youth Learner
    The other approach is to sponsor the costs of one learner for one week.  An outline of the core programme is available - by clicking here.

Click here if you would like to sponsor someone at C4L.



Click here to check out how you can give your time.