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What You Can Do

Give of your time or sponsor one of C4L's ongoing projects


Individual giving tends to be (although not always) on a smaller scale than grants but regular.  This is a very valuable kind of resource to C4L!  Here are some possible scenarios:

  • Support a C4L staff member
    Individuals may also wish to anchor one of the salaries of key faculty members at C4L.  This approach is not unlike the more traditional "missionary support" where donations support a worker.
  • Sustain core costs
    This kind of revenue is sometimes described as the mortar between bricks of grant funding.  Not only are the grants larger, but their spending is very targeted.  Individuals can help to connect these bricks into a strong wall called C4L, but providing gifts that are not earmarked to specific cost centres.

Click here if you would like to make a donation to C4L.



In 2016 we are appealing for $1000 each - for one young woman or man - to complete their accredited computer skills training.

So far, 68 youth have started towards the Qualificiation called End-user Computing.  In other words, they become qualified computer operators at certificate level (first year college).  Essentially this is a one-year programme but in fact all 68 have already completed about 20 of the 120 credits required.

The qualification and pricing is set by SAQA.  We want to see the youth who have started, complete their full qualification.  That will cost about R10 000 each, or $1000.

This training is done at C4L, by C4L.  So it helps the youth as well as C4L both.




Click here to check out how you can give your time.

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