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The third L is for Lobbying.

"Sin" is mentioned 900 times in the Bible.  "Justice" is mentioned over 2000 times.  It is important to get our priorities to align with God's.  We sometimes get the proportions wrong.

The youth alumni who completed their Development Practice training at C4L learned that there are different modes of community intervention, namely:

  • Welfare
  • Development programming
  • Advocacy and lobbying
They were equipped and challenged to become Change Agents in their communities - not just to deal with the symptoms, but also with the causes.  This is what the ministry of Justice tries to do.

Public Engagement

In some settings, like Canada, "lobbying" is done by professionals, so it is very corporate.  The more familiar terms for NGOs and church agencies would be "public engagement".

All in all, this is about "speaking truth to power".

In the past, youth such as these C4L alumni have later been recruited as activists for C4L projects, such as:

  • Awareness raising against Human Trafficking
  • Awareness raising against Body-parts Trafficking
  • Green activists


This is an election year - in both South Africa and Canada.  Thus C4L has launched a VOTER EDUCATION PROJECT.  Its focus is to get Youth to register to vote and to think about how to cast their vote.  A ballot like this is not just a privilege but a civic responsibiltiy and must be exercised with due attention and care.

This year we have launched a print-media magazine for youth called The WeighBridge.

It is aimed at first-time voters, but should be of interest to all.

Because printed material is heavy, and "snail mail" is slow, we encourage any youth worker or youth pastor to download the PDF file and have it printed locally.  It is 20 pages long (inside, black and white) plus a colour cover (one side only).  Any print shop can print as many copies as required from our print-ready PDF files.

In fact, this resource should be of interest to all English-speaking countries, in any year whether there is an election or not.


Download Issues of The WeighBridge

Document Title Size Revision  
Issue 1
Election fever
3.05 MB Feb 07, 2019 Issue 1
Issue 2
Tweaking Democracy
734.00 kB Feb 07, 2019 Issue 2
Issue 3
Banana republics
9.91 MB Feb 08, 2019 Issue 3