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The third L is for Lobbying.

The youth alumni who completed their Development Practice training at C4L learned that there are different modes of community intervention, namely:

  • Welfare
  • Development programming
  • Advocacy and lobbying
They were equipped and challenged to become Change Agents in their communities - not just to deal with the symptoms, but also with the causes.

Public Engagement

In some settings, like Canada, "lobbying" is done by professionals, so it is very corporate.  The more familiar terms for NGOs and church agencies would be "public engagement".

All in all, this is about "speaking truth to power".  The Old Testament prophets and John the Baptist in the New Testament were actively involved in this kind of ministry.  It is also one of the facets of the ministry of Jesus, as expressed in his "Nazareth manifesto".  Although he also used other modes like compassionate care and training.  C4L regards it as one of the tools in its toolbox, not its one and only remit.


Youth such as these C4L alumni have later been recruited as activists for C4L projects, such as:

  • Awareness raising against Human Trafficking
  • Awareness raising against Body-parts Trafficking
  • Green activists