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The Feedback Loop

Although this website is refreshed from time to time, that is not done frequently.  So it is only a sketchy description of C4L's social contribution.  The website does not try to report on projects or time periods.

For individuals, familes and churches, there are two sources of news.  First there is the C4L Bulletin which goes out to "Friends of C4L" about once a month.  It used to be a kind of activity-report but has evolved into more thematic thought-bursts arising from our work.  A selection of these Bulletins are later placed on one or another of our 3 blogsites, but not all of them.  Only if the content of a Bulletin lines up with the theme of one of those 3 "silos".

Second, there is the CEO's Prayer Letter which is send out about twice a month, although to an inner circle of Prayer Partners.  These tend to give some deeper insights of what is going on "behind the scenes".

If you are not on the mail drop for either of these, and would like to be, just send an email to and tell us.




For grantmakers and SETAs, approvals and appointments always involve an agreed reporting schedule.  But these reports are of course the property of the Donors.

C4L's Annual Report is prepared for the AGM and is then submitted to the Nonprofit Directorate which requires this and C4L's annual audit to maintain our status as "compliant".