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What Churches in North America are Doing

St Paul's United Church is one of C4L's key "Mission partners". 

It is located in Warkworth, in the beautiful Trent Hills of Eastern Ontario, Canada.  This terrain is not unlike the rolling Lowveld where C4L is situated, in the old "Eastern Transvaal" - now Mpumalanga province.

St Paul's rounds up Canadian gifts directed to C4L.

Gifts can be earmarked to specific programming segments at C4L.  The options are:

1.Unallocated donations for C4L's general fund

2. Target a staff member at C4L

3. Sponsor a youth Learner to come on a one-week Exposure Visit to C4L



Giving made easy!

Go to EASYWEB and enter this email address <>.  Once St Paul's account is recognized, you may transfer funds electronically.  Under "message" please mention C4L as the destination of your gift.



Teams of volunteers
are also useful, as outlined here.