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What Families Can Do

Legacy to Legacy

"You can't take it with you."  According to research, people give six times more at the time of their death than they have given during their life. This is one way that people release their wealth to their favorite "causes".

This becomes part of estate planning, and more and more, this is done through family consultation.  People who are affected by a decision have a right to be part of the decision making process.

  • C4L encourages you to consider including its ministry in your Last Will and Testament
  • C4L is a registered Nonprofit Organization  (#006-856-NPO)
  • C4L is also a Public Benefit Organization  (#930000088)

Your Legacy to our Legacy

Unless otherwise instructed, C4L will direct any legacies received to pay off its mortgage bond.

Or you may specify how your legacy should be used, for it is the gift of the giver.

Thus your legacy can make C4L more self-sustaining, by reducing its debt load.  Or you could make it a capital donation to fund a specific purchase - for example, of a new vehicle.


Don't forget Volunteering!

Visit our Volunteering page for details.  Accomodation on campus is suitable for couples or small families.  Give a month of your time to mentor young people as they try to boot their micro-enterprises up.

Quoting Warwick

He gives not best who gives most

He gives most who gives best


If I cannot give bountifully

Yet I will give freely

And what I want in my hand

I will supply by my heart


In this way you will lengthen C4L's institutional life.