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C4L is a "faith-based organization" or FBO.  As such, it solicits and appreciates prayer support from around the world - from people of all denomininations and faiths.


Tutu Prayers


Desmond Tutu is C4L's icon.

He has published a book of prayers, from which we offer the following samples:

An African Canticle

All you big things, bless the Lord.
Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria,
The Rift Valley and the Serengeti Plain,
Fat baobabs and shady mango trees,
All eucalyptus and tamarind trees,
Bless the Lord.
Praise and extol Him for ever and ever.

All you tiny things, bless the Lord.
Busy black ants and hopping fleas,
Wriggling tadpoles and mosquito larvae,
Flying locusts and water drops,
Pollen dust and tsetse flies,
Millet seeds and dried dagaa,
Bless the Lord.
Praise and extol Him for ever and ever.

Adapted from an original prayer by Sir Francis Drake

Disturb us, O Lord

when we are too well-pleased with ourselves 
when our dreams have come true because we dreamed too little, 
because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us, O Lord

when with the abundance of things we possess, 
we have lost our thirst for the water of life 
when, having fallen in love with time, 
we have ceased to dream of eternity 
and in our efforts to build a new earth, 
we have allowed our vision of Heaven to grow dim.

Stir us, O Lord

to dare more boldly, to venture into wider seas 
where storms show Thy mastery, 
where losing sight of land, we shall find the stars.

In the name of Him who pushed back the horizons of our hopes 
and invited the brave to follow.


Prayer Letter

The executive director e-mails a Prayer Letter to an inner circle of interested "prayer warriors" - upon request.  These are short, reflective and include specific prayer requests related to C4L and its leadership.

If you wish to receive his prayer letter, please contact

Standing Prayer Requests


1. For C4L's Board - wisdom

2. For C4L's senior management team - integrity

3. For C4L's staff - stamina

4. For C4L participants - success

5. For C4L donors - discernment

One piece of advice - don't just talk to God when you pray - spend some time listening as well.

What He says to you may not always be nice and cozy - expect the unexpected!

Vote of Thanks

Since down-sizing the campus, C4L no longer has a chapel or even a "prayer room".

However, we do have a volunteer who has spent several months on campus in both 2021 and 2022 - with a focus on prayer.

His prayers have made a tangible difference.  So if you don't feel qualified to volunteer as a business mentor for youth, then join us for a month in this important and effective function - as a prayer warrior.