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What We Do

The easiest way to explain what C4L does is to unpack the 4 "L"s:

There is a variance from one year to another based on need and on resource flows.  But we keep C4L programming within these confines.

Strategic Focus

At C4L, the focus is on building the capacity of youth.  The emphasis is on youth from 18 - 28.  C4L also has a special focus on youth-led organizations.  At C4L itself, the majority of volunteers, staff and Senior Management Team are under 35.

One way of looking at what we do is a C4L Board mandate to devote 70% of resources to Development programming, 20% to Disaster focus and 10% to Advocacy.

When it comes to Climate Change - the current focus - these lines blur a bit.  C4L's focus on youth includes developmental activities like job creation (e.g. green livelihoods) but these also address an energy crisis and a water emergency in the nation.  Environmental degradation is a kind of slow-onset disaster.  A recent C4L video picks up on that called Flammable Water.

Special Focus

Since 2012, C4L has been placing special emphasis on the theme: "Performance without intergity is not enough".  In other words, on fighting corruption which has been all-too-prevalent in NGOs as well as other sectors.

To know more about why we do what we do, read the 20 Questions About C4L. Also, we invite you to visit our blogs, which are an on-going example of Advocacy: