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The first L is for Leadership.

The Desmond Tutu Centre for Leadership celebrated its 20 anniversary on September 1st 2019.

Its contribution to Leadership has gone through three strategic phases over these 20 years:

1. Nonprofit leaders and managers

2. Youth leaders and youth-led organizations

3. Green activists


C4L is now entering a new phase of Leadership development... namely by lending its support and expertise to the emergence of two other strategic entities.


Jubilee Land Bank

C4L is pleased to announce the call for the formation of a JUBILEE LAND BANK.

In due course, it aspires to establish 44 branches - one in each District Municipality in South Africa.

To learn more about this new initiative, click here.



A Network of Savings and Credit Unions

In collaboration with Inala Africa, C4L is promoting Savings as the basis for entrepreneurial activity.  To our way of thinking, Credit is second prize.  Savings is first prize.

For more on this initiative, click here.


Training Tools

C4L has been generating training manuals, videos and other tools for over a decade, for its own training events, and for others as well.  Both in English and in Portuguese.

C4L has also been building an on-line training capability as well.  However, many of its target groups (township CBOs and cooperatives) have not yet crossed the "digital divide" to be able to access this kind of training.  Even if they do have limited connectivity, the bandwidth is to slow to support on-line training at grassroots level.


C4L is keeping to the role of Catalyst in the two new initiatives mentioned above.  Each one of them is booting itself up by its own bootstraps.

We have generated three short books as the Motivation to launch the JUBILEE LAND BANK.  These are downloadable on its own page (the first "click here" on this page).

We are also generating the first set of training manuals for INALA to use, and will also assist INALA by training its trainers.



Cultural congruence

As in the celebration of Heritage Day on campus, C4L has consistently tried to champion the integration of local culture in its programming and training tools.