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What Churches in Europe are Doing

The George Muller Foundation in Bristol has also supported C4L for years.  Again, the focus has been C4L's grief counseling among orphans, so this evolved into the Christian Listening initiative.

Once again, other churches and charities in Britain are encouraged to follow suit.


Tearfund UK once funded a C4L outreach project into Mozambique and Malawi.

Swedish Mission Council once funded an OD intervention for its partner church denomination in Mozambique.

During that period, C4L opened a branch office in Maputo, Mozambique.  But that has closed in the new dispensation of downsizing.


Other Constituencies

In 2016, as C4L downsizes and tries to do "more with less", it welcomes churches, synagogues, mosques and temples from far and wide to get involved.

C4L's mandate has always been to be a "rainbow campus". 

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