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Pay it forward

Pay it forward so that youth can pay it back

One creative way to do this is to set aside some capital that you do not need right away - but will need later.  A broker can invest 90% of that money in a reliable fund that will grow back to 100% during the period that you don't need it.  Then it can be returned to you from that investment fund.

Meanwhile, the 10% skimmed off at the time that you commit the funds, can be released into C4L's general fund.

The time-honored principle of tithing does not mean that we must give away 10% of our wealth. It means that we should give away 10% of the increase.  So the percentage of your wealth that you "park" in such a pay-it-forward investment is up to you.

The Giving Pledge encourages the wealthy to give away 50% of their wealth (not just of the increase).

Pope Francis speaks of "shrinking the cup" - so that there can be more spill-over and trickle-down.


Recycling C4L's Know-How

If you "pay it forward" as outlined above, the broker sends your 10% gift to C4L's general fund. Your 90% is secure and will be returned to you when it grows back to the original 100% level.

Giving from your increase tops up C4L's general fund.  This can help C4L going forward with its next (fourth) stage of development.  

C4L has now secured its down-sized campus, as its base of operations.  In 2022, in the post-Covid rebound, C4L is kick-starting some new programming.  Starting with refresher course for educators - who will be facing the new challenge of Covid-orphans.

While Covid-orphans are recent, orphan care and support will be similar to the AIDS pandemic, when C4L was active in training educators HOW to assist OVC.  So this new initiative will be a "back to the future" focus on OVC.