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Welcome to 2022

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C4L exists for capacity-building



This term is useful because it can apply to both organizations and to individuals.  The same is true of the word “incubation” – it can refer to an enterprise or to an individual entrepreneur.

Let’s imagine three concentric circles that look like a target.  At the centre is a core team of incubators.  That is C4L. 

Outside that circle is a first ring.  We envisage that ring as organizational.  It is composed of cooperatives and TREs (i.e. township and rural enterprises).  Through organization development or “OD” we try to build the capacity of these entities.

Then there is an outer ring – composed of individuals.  These are our learners – C4L alumni.  This space is for “human development”.  This may be through accredited training courses.  Or it may be through coaching or mentorship.

The terms “sustainable livelihoods” can refer to an entity like a cooperative, or to a host of enterprising individuals.

It is in this sense of double-entendre that we say that C4L exists for capacity building.


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In 2022, the goalposts moved again.  We became aware of a near and present danger – unemployment.  With the Covid-induced loss of another 300 000 jobs in the last quarter of 2021, the number of unemployed people in the work force in South Africa now outnumbers those who are economically active.  In other words, our unemployment rate has gone from bad to worse – to over 50 percent.

There are just not enough jobs to go around, so C4L has adopted a new strategic focus – entrepreneurship.  The economy is failing to create jobs, for a number of reasons including detrimental government policies.  So we are beating a new drum – of self-employment.

This is the fourth wave for C4L.  The previous three waves were:

1.      Capacity building of NGOs in the democratization years in African history

2.      Responding to needs of orphans and vulnerable children during the AIDS pandemic

3.      Confronting climate change and global warming by training youth in the “green occupations”

During all of these waves, there was an element of “livelihood security”.  But that was never the primary focus.  Starting in 2022, C4L is focusing on unemployment as the challenge of crisis proportions.  This could be with solar thermal installations, as in our third wave… but now it can be in any sector.  We will be incubating cooperatives, TREs and individual entrepreneurs.  C4L exists for capacity-building.  For incubation.  Of  sustainable livelihoods.


A footnote of explanation -

C4L has streamlined this site, no longer for prospective Learners, but for Browsers.

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