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Welcome to C4L

Leadership • Livelihoods • Lobbying • Literati


The Desmond Tutu Centre for Leadership, also known as C4L, is a nonprofit organization located at White River in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.  It has downsized to a small campus affectionately called "Finkenwalde" after the on-the-run training facility established by Dietrich Bonhoeffer for the Confessing Church (in Germany) almost a century ago.

It is not only a place of learning, but also a base for "speaking truth to power".  Our contact with communities over two decades - especially the Youth - positions us to debate issues that affect communities and Youth. 

C4L is also moving slowly into the Internet environment as the "digital divide" gradually closes, bringing Africa onto the information highway.

From 2018...

We welcome you to explore our site, which has to be re-jigged from time to time.  That is because the ministry of C4L itself evolves.  Fewer and fewer people ever reach the shrinking C4L campus as we offer training on an outreach basis, in community or church halls.

We are following the "more with less" approach otherwise known as the "Gideon principle".

This website is designed to reach those who are unlikely to ever get to visit the C4L campus.  In other words, friends of C4L whose interest never fails.  Friendship knows no distances or time-zones.



Those who have something other than finance to offer - to help achieve the goals of C4L, such as:

  • Volunteers willing to come and assist us in our work 
  • Customers looking for tree spinach or its bakery products
  • Those who can support C4L with prayer


A footnote of explanation -

C4L has streamlined this site, not for its Learners but for its Partners.

In short, this is not the place for Youth to register.  It is the space for Partners to "visit" C4L.