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Although the roots of the narrative go back several years, 2021 has been rough and tumble at C4L...

A new booklet called THE HUNT outlines the events of 2021 along with the deep background.  If you have been following the news - the third wave of Covid, civil unrest probably triggered by the "fight-back faction" of the ANC, and the rising tide of xenophobia in the light of high unemployment rates, then this story will ring true to you.

No one who understands South Africa as it is in 2021 will be surprised, shocking as some of the content may be!

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God is our refuge, our refuge and our strength

In trouble, a very present help!

Thanks be to God for answered prayer!

The unknown criminal charges against Chuck Stephens, that triggered his unlawful arrest in June, were withdrawn on September 3rd 2021.  Case closed.

This bodes well for other corruption-busting cases, both those at the pending adjudication stage and others that are still approaching trial later this month.

Please pray for a domino effect that will knock them all down our way.  All the way through to September 30th when we take on the criminal syndicate AS SUCH.  There are five respondents - Respondents One, Two, Three, Four and Five.  In varying degrees they are all networked together into the various corruption cases that we have exposed in Mpumalanga.

Not surprisingly, the police are furious.  They are caught in a vice between the deception of the instigators and the lucidity of the prosecutors.  On September 2nd 2021 in court, we demanded a document that that been kept hidden from us since April.  At first that was probably just bungling.  But as the police investigators got to work AFTER Chuck's arrest, they must have realized that once we got our hands on that written judgment dated April 14th, that they were cooked.  We demanded it vociferously, by a strong showing in the courtroom andby  standing our ground.  So the magistrate ordered that the file be brought to him by a clerk.  Then he located the document and sent the clerk out to photocopy it for us.  He then referred us to a senior prosecutor in Kabokweni, to validate that the judgment was final.  He re-scheduled the case for the next day.

While we visited Kabokweni court, the prosecutors met with the instigators to strategize, in the light of this document emerging - that had been shrouded for five months.  The prosecutors decided to pull back.

When Chuck arrived at court the next morning, waiting to hear what the mysterious  charges were, he was politely informed that they were withdrawing the case.  They had not realized until this shrouded judgment came to light that a related protection order had expired automatically in April.  So the police had arrested him in June for allegedly violating a protection order that had expired!  The lengths these people will go to in order to intimidate and try to silence citizens is amazing.

So we wait now for two other adjudications, cases brought to you/us by the same instigators.  Please pray with us that the dominos will keep falling our way.  Two other new applications are also set down for September 2021, continuing to confront corruption and patronage.  Your prayers keep our hopes alive.

Let Justice roll on like a river

And righteousness like and ever-flowing stream.




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