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Hot off the press!


WHAT'S NEW AT C4L?  The long-awaited KINGDONOMICS Issue of our magazine The WeighBridge is now ready!

Please open it, or download either the READ-EASY version (for on-screen consumption) or the PRINT-READY version (for re-publishing).  We encourage the media, NGOs and churches to re-publish this issue, more especially in the run-up to elections.  Its content is meant to help young readers and new voters to weigh up their options.

Click on the file icon below to select the PDF file that you want...

Document Title Size Revision  
Read-easy version 1.35 MB Jun 25, 2020 Read-easy version
Kingdonomics issue 1.35 MB Jun 25, 2020 Kingdonomics issue



The 20/20 Vision for the Desmond Tutu Centre for Leadership, commonly known as C4L, is to become a "think tank".

C4L has always been a nonprofit organization located at White River in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. 

Its ten-year strategic plan adopted in 2010 mandated some downsizing and streamlining, which has been concluded in 2019.

Its 20/20 Vision has two key institutional role-models:

1. FINKENWALDE was the on-the-run training facility established by Dietrich Bonhoeffer for the Confessing Church (in Germany) almost a century ago

2. CARDUS is a Canadian think tank that puts more emphasis that C4L will on research, and less emphasis than C4L will on advocacy. 

The thing is that "public engagement" can be seen as negative at times, and positive at times, but it is always supportive in its own way.  This has more to do with the context that with the think tank.

"Speaking truth to power" can annoy the authorities at times, and guide them at other times.  Either way, the "prophetic role" remains part of church leadership along with pastoring, teaching, evangelism and organizing.



A footnote of explanation -

C4L has streamlined this site, no longer for prospective Learners, but for Browsers.

Come for a video visit to the campus and to sample some of C4L's insights and outputs.