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C4L offers a small but comfortable venue for on-site computer and managerial training.

Computer Training

As part of our Lifeskills component, C4L offers computer training based on its accreditation by the MICT SETA. Computer skills are cross-cutting, for example they can enhance Leaderships and also Livelihoods. Thanks to CIWI in Germany, C4L has a modern, well-equipped IT Centre that allows staff and learners to access the information highway. This includes Wi-Fi all over the campus. 

Unit Standards & Qualifications

End-user Computing is a Level 4 Qualification, composed of 10 Modules.  Each module contains 1 - 4 Unit Standards, thus the number of credits varies, but these total 130 credits.

Basically it is a one-year programme designed for periods of training interspersed by "practicums".  This work/study combination is an ideal way to learn skills.  The key is to follow the syllabus with guidance from a Facilitator, then to undergo Assessment once competency has been reached.

Click here for more details on the structure of this training (Modules, Unit Standards and Credits).

Managerial Training

As outlined here, C4L can offer some accredited training in governance, leadership and management.  

C4L can also offer non-formal training, but it prefers to use the coaching and mentoring technique.  There is also the Obstacle Course designed for team-building, and C4L faculty members also serve as motivational speakers.

Our fee structure is based on:

  • Use of conference room facilities
  • Teas and lunches
  • Trainer fees (where applicable)

To get information on booking any of our training courses, please contact C4L