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The fourth L is for Literati.

From its roots in producing training tools, to writing manuals and books, to bulletins and blogging, C4L has launched its UNEMBEZA Desk.

The dictionary defines "literati" as: "men of letters, the learned class".

C4L makes no claim to be among the "illuminati"!  merely the "literati".




Starting in 2016, C4L allocated more time and resources into this L.

For example, we noted a trending to youth alienation in:

  • Low voter turn-outs
  • Distancing themselves from Traditional Customs
  • Increasing levels of substance abuse
  • Rising suicide rate
  • Teen-age pregnancy
  • Crime

So in our articles, delivered to the media, we began to address topics such as:

  • Binge drinking (SANCA says this is alcoholism)
  • Prostitution (by whatever name you call it  - e.g. Blessee instead of "sex worker")
  • Confusion between Customary and Civil marriages
  • Distinction between Socialist humanism and Liberal humanism (human rights)
  • How to make good choices

It has taken time to build up a "branding".  But we now have a recognized voice as a Guest Columnist on several media platforms.  This means that C4L can have a wider influence than just on those few who can attend courses at its campus.