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This programming segment began in 2003 with a project training teachers to provide Grief Counseling for orphans.  That later expanded to include training youth as peer counselors.

In due course, C4L's focus changed to Christian Listening, in collaboration with the Aloe Christian Foundation. That ministry is now holding its own in Mpumalanga province.

So a third kind of programming is getting underway...


Horizons of Dignity

From 2016, there is a new emphasis - a project focusing on Youth Alienation.  There are various manifestations of this.  For example:

  • Low voter turn-outs
  • Distancing themselves from Traditional Customs
  • Increasing levels of substance abuse
  • Rising suicide rate
  • Teen-age pregnancy
  • Crime

C4L's new project is an intervention at community level by youth activists to address concerns such as:

  • Binge drinking (SANCA says this is alcoholism)
  • Prostitution (by whatever name you call it (e.g. Blessee instead of "sex worker")
  • Confusion between Customary and Civil marriages
  • Distinctiveness of both Socialist humanism and Liberal humanism (human rights)
  • How to make good choices